About Us

A National level award winning design-built firm that is known for its nature sensitive Architecture, Interiors and Landscaping. Since 2001 Ar. Bindu and Ar. Raghu -Founding partners/Principal Architects along with the team have been practicing 'GREEN'/Eco-Friendly architecture, constantly innovating to include every known sustainable means to strive towards an ever-lighter footprint. We specialize in designing and executing projects for Commercial, Medical, Educational, Hospitality and Residential purposes. In addition to our creative design team, we also have an accomplished execution team consisting of expert craftsmen and skilled labor force from many parts of the country bringing a vast diversity and uniqueness to our projects.

"Architecture Is A Visual Art, And The Buildings Speak For Themselves."

Creating spaces that have a deep sense of purpose, culture and surrounding have won us many accolades over the years. EarthenHive Architects was award for “The most Sustainable interior design- residential 2017 at National level and for Best Sustainable Architecture at Singapore. Our design for a world class campus for Indian Institute of Crop Processing Technology was highly appreciated by the Indian Ministry. They were part of the elite team which was instrumental in creating one of “India’s 1st Platinum rated Green building.” It was greatly admired and felicitated by Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam (then Honorable President) with this prestigious award from UGBC (US Green Building Council). Restoration and transformation of old buildings, giving them a new lease on life is one of the many arrows in our quiver.





"We create space for your wants and also to your needs...."

EarthenHive Architects-A National level award winning design-built firm that is known for green design and ecofriendly practices in the field of Architecture, Interior and landscaping. It is located in Malleshwaram a place heralding the charms of the 21st century and the heritage of the garden city.


"Our Goal Isn't To Live Forever, It Is To Define Spaces That Will"


It’s always been EarthenHive Architects chef d’oeuvre when it comes to sustainable/eco-friendly architecture. All our Iconic classical and contemporary/modern projects resonates harmonic blend of design and space, gamut usage of sustainable elements, Maximum natural lighting and ventilation, optimizing on the natural resources by alternative renewable/recyclable solutions. Such is our architecture which is a visual art, and our creations speak for themselves raising the bar for quality of innovation, optimization and functionality.

The term “Earthen” reverberates our love and care for the Ecology and the word “Hive” resonates our creativity and hard work in the field of architecture, where time and concept needs to be at its perfection.


Our design concepts are driven by the following key parameters/Initiatives:-


  • Building space orientation adapted to the local climate
  • Relevant envelope insulation
  • Maximum use of day lighting and natural ventilation
  • High window to wall ratio
  • Innovative use of sustainable building material
  • High performance glazing
  • Building design with efficient energy conservation by maximizing use of energy saving techniques and equipments.
  • Use of Renewable energy systems
  • Other features pertaining to bio climatic or passive architecture
  • Reducing construction waste/refuse to almost negligible quantity.



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