Job Description

If you have or aspire to be a strong project engineer that includes site works as well as project management experience; we would love you to become a member of our team! As a valued project engineer, you will work hand-in-hand with our Architects to develop objectives, determine phases and elements of design, and prepare and distribute timelines for fulfillment. You will develop engineering and construction schedule by outlining, shaping and managing all aspects of the project. You will have the exciting opportunity to foster team growth as we work to meet our annual goals. If you want to be actively involved in some of the landmark projects which are unique in Architectural, Structural and Sustainable designs then you should consider applying for the personnel interview.


  • Bachelor's degree in Civil engineering
  • 0-3 years of experience in construction and architecture
  • Strong coordination skills
  • Proficient in fundamental requisites of construction

Job Responsibilities

  • Review design proposals and schemes, and then work with our in-house Architects to refine project objectives, identify constraints, determine time frames, and sequence project phases.
  • Work on Project schedule and maintain the progress accordingly
  • Site coordination for construction and its progress
  • Managing work force, material stock and site activities
  • Maintain reputation and project integrity through compliance with different agencies
  • Evaluate, organize, and prioritize workloads within a schedule.

Liaise with third-party contractors to ensure all equipment is suitable for its design and adheres to the budget and deliverables.

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