Global changes over the last century have contributed to a disconnection between humans and the environment. The growth and development of our communities has a large impact on our natural environment. Rather than seeing ourselves as an intricate and essential part of life's cycle, we believe that we have power over Earth's ecosystems. The manufacturing, design, construction, and operation of the buildings in which we live and work are responsible for the consumption of many of our natural resources. As indicated by mounting scientific research from all corners of the globe, that approach is simply not sustainable, and our current way of living must be overhauled.

Why Is Building GREEN Important?

A "green" building is one that has been constructed or renovated to incorporate design techniques, technologies and materials that lessen its dependence on fossil fuels and minimize its overall negative impact on human health and the environment over the entire life cycle of the building.
Green building concepts extend beyond the walls of buildings and can include site planning, community and land use planning issues as well.

"God Created Heaven And Left The Earth For Us"

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